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Ed Whatley's;

Cattleman's Steak Shake

 Ed Whatley has a background in meat selection and quality, having worked in the supermarket meat departments of two major retail chains. He also has a   background in meat grilling, cooking, and preparation, having owned and operated a major chain “Steak House” restaurant for a couple of years. Ed worked for the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association for 40 years in Beef Promotion areas with Supermarkets, Restaurants and Steak Houses doing in-store cooking and grilling demonstrations. He also appeared on many Radio and Television shows, teaching good Grilling and Cooking Techniques. Ed began experimenting with applications of various herbs, spices, onions, peppers and seasonings to different meat products in varying amounts and times of applying (hrs before, minutes before, and while grilling. Because of Joyce's (Ed’s wife of 48 years) problems with an allergic reaction to MSG (monosodium glutamate) Cattleman’s Steak Shake would not contain MSG. It would be made with Natural Ingredients and lower in Sodium than the competition. After about a year of working with Dr. Pete Brown, an old acquaintance with AC. Legg, Spice Company we formulated this “Unique” seasoning. Hence was born Ed Whatley’s “Cattleman’s Steak Shake”. Presently, it is distributed in major independent supermarkets around Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi. Meat stores and specialty shop have it as well. We have shipped to almost every state in the U.S. as well as to Canada, Mexico, and Europe. We also discovered that you can mix it with sour cream for a “tantalizing” chip or vegetable Dip!

Ed’s heart goes out to the struggles of young people preparing for the future in the Cattle and Farming business so he is designating a portion of the proceeds from sales of Cattleman’s Steak Shake to the Pike County Cattlemen’s Junior Beef Program.

You may purchase “Cattleman’s Steak Shake” by calling 334/430-1559 or emailing edwardswhatley@att.net for prices ranging from two 6oz. shakers to multiple cases.